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Our Work


Program Evaluation

We have decades of experience evaluating programs and leading program improvement efforts.  In previous roles, we were responsible for designing, conducting, and communicating results of evaluations of diverse programs as well as federal and state grants. We have evaluated federal, state, and private grants with an annual average of 13 million dollars in funding. We have been responsible for all aspects of designing and implementing evaluation plans to include logic modeling, goal setting, the design of data collection instruments and methodology, statistical analysis, site observations, formative evaluation presentations to internal stakeholders, and summative evaluation reports to funding agencies.

Sample of Program
Evaluations Completed

Program Or Grant Name & Funding Source

Project DIPLOMAS - USDOD Education Activity

Implementation of Response to Intervention - FNSB School District

Emergency Response & Crisis Management Improvement - USDOE

Graduating Seniors & Postsecondary Trends - FNSB School District

Safe Schools Healthy Students - USDOE Health & Human Services

Elementary Reading Improvement Initiative - FNSB School District

Community Learning Centers - Alaska DEED

Math Improvement Initiative - FNSB School District

Military Support TRACKS Project - USDOD Education Activity    

Graduation Success Program - FNSB School District

Project ARTiculate - USDOE Office of Innovation & Improvement    

Teaching American History - USDOE 

Alaska Reading Firs t- Alaska DEED  

4 R Children - USDOE   

Trends in Out of School Disciplinary Actions - FNSB School District

Training For All Teachers - USDOE Office of English Language Acquisition    

Results of Parent Opinion Polls - FNSB School District

Enhancing Education Through Technology- Alaska DEED

State Assessment Outcomes & Trends - FNSB School District

Bilingual Development & Implementation, USDOE 

Grants to Reduce Alcohol Abuse - USDOE Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools

Grant Writing

We have a strong track record of acquiring funding from a diverse array of funding sources to include state institutions, federal agencies, and congressional earmarks. In previous roles, we were responsible for the development and administration of grants and partnerships, acquiring an average of 2 million dollars in new competitive grant funding annually, We have also been responsible for providing oversight, training, and technical assistance for the management of 16 million dollars in grant funding each year and working closely with project managers, accountants, and auditors to ensure compliance with all funding restrictions and continuing eligibility and competitiveness for new and continuing funding.

Sample of Grants
Written & Funded

Grant Name & Funding Source

Project STEP - Alaska Department of Labor

Suicide Awareness and Prevention Project - Alaska DEED

Compass Project - Alaska Department of Labor

21st Century After School Programs - Alaska DEED

Consolidated ESSA (federal formula funding) - Alaska DEED

P3 Preschool Partnership Project - Alaska DEED

Step Up To STEM - USDOD Education Activity

Project 360 - USDOD Education Activity

   *The majority of these grants were written and awarded on an annual basis.  

Writing Samples

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